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NBA 2K14 - Next Gen Reveal. Music by FlyUnion! We’ve only just begun 

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Dom Kennedy - Judgment Day

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Supa Freak

rick james bitch

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Dress : Crimée Panel Leopard , Givenchy 

Phiilou Color Boy, 20 , PARIS 

Team : 2HYPE4PARIS —> Tumblr

Photographed By Joel Boko 


Happy bday Big Sean @mistercap #vhs #uzi

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big sean custom detroit in-ears

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wow. It was such a mission but i got backstage and gave Kendrick the sharpie board. He loved it. He kept staring at it. It was so humbling. Like slowly my hard work has been paying off. I am so thankful for all of you who continue to support me i promise i will continue to strive for greatness.

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OG Bobby Johnson x South Central


In a recent interview with GQ, Kendrick Lamar hinted at the idea of creating a short film to go along with his debut album, ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city.’ It appears that this idea may actually come to fruition. In Kendrick’s latest interview with Fuse, he explained how he recently sat down with Shia LaBeouf and discussed a few ideas for some visuals.

“We actually had a meeting… Shia LaBeouf, he has a crazier career than mine, but once we really do sit down and lock in, it’s gonna be insane… He wanted to do a video, he had a few ideas… that was the time I was recording the album and going on the road so I couldn’t really sit down for a period of time.”

This wouldn’t be Shia LaBeouf’s first Hip Hop collaboration. Shia was the director of the short film,“Maniac,” which featured G.O.O.D Music’s Kid Cudi.